Telenco puts on a total show for its 20th anniversary !

Telenco puts on a total show for its 20th anniversary !

On the occasion of turning 20 years, Telenco saw things big and rolled out the red carpet for its 250 employees. On the 24th of May, the group’s teams came from across the world to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Telenco’s success story.

3... 2... 1... Action !

To honour this event, we have traced back the company’s history. Likewise rolling out the reel of a film, we have run over the events that marked the evolution of Telenco.

This evening was the opportunity for the group’s founders to remind that Telenco is above all the result of a human adventure and the commitment of each employee. Genuinely people-oriented, Telenco knows how to recognize the true value of the provided work and the implication of each professional to the success of the entire group.

Based on the theme of cinema, this anniversary was a real occasion to outperform for the delight of all teams. Employees did not hesitate to act out in series of short films showing their day-to-day life at Telenco, in a more or less funny manner ! After being viewed by all employees during an official screening, some performances were rewarded during the Telenco Awards ceremony.

Stuntmen, dancers, music and shows brought the magical touch to this evening, held at the Saint Jean de Chépy estate in Isère (French Alps). But above all, there are the group’s employees who have made this evening a magical moment.

Thank you all for contributing at the Telenco’s success story !