Four own brands, four identities brought together around the same values, the same project : proving support to telecom and network architecture players for their tomorrow’s  development projects. Telenco group focuses on a daily basis on its quest for innovation and seeks to reinventing itself to offer qualitative and suitable solutions in line with the evolution of telecommunications market.


Telenco® is the historical brand of the group including  suspension, anchoring and telecom hardware for the installation of copper or fiber optic cables. This innovative and qualitative offer empowered Telenco to build a global reputation. Telenco's fastening solutions for telecom cables are developed for overhead distribution and drop lines. Because it is essential that you depend on the quality of the used material, our solutions are designed and developed to allow you building reliable and sustainable networks. Some products such as our anchor clamps are now reputed standards, exported all around the world.

Products designed, developed and manufactured by Telenco

We fully master the supply chain for the development of Telenco® products. With more than 20 years of experience in the telecom network equipment field, our engineering and design office develops our products from the R&D phase up to the industrialization.  Our test laboratory enables us to undergo a whole battery of tests on each one of our developed products in order to verify their conformity with our customers’ needs. Telenco® products are manufactured and assembled by our teams in our production units based in France and Portugal.

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Solutions for different network configurations

The configuration of aerial telecom networks may differ according to deployment methods and the environment. Telenco networks engineered mounting solutions adapting both to each cable structure and network configuration. Some of Telenco® products have been developed as custom-tailored solutions, according to specific requirements from customers facing particular technical constraints. Telenco® range offers sustainable solutions designed to ease the job of telecom field technicians :  our products are fast to install and rugged for a longer lifespan.


Designed for telecom technicians, the Eline® range of FTTH indoor access terminal boxes has been developed by Telenco to overcome the challenges raised by the fiber optic deployment at the customer’s premises. These are genuine solutions engineered to ease the jobs of technicians while in intervention. Easy to install, the Eline® fiber optic access terminal boxes are ready-to-use. Choosing the Eline® solutions is optimizing the intervention time of technical teams thanks to a pre-wired or pre-terminated equipment.

Eline® : a versatile range

The versatility is one of the key assets of the Eline® product range. Access terminal boxes included within the Eline® range can be installed in all type of dwellings, whether they are multi-dwelling units or individual ones, recent or old ones. Each solution from the Eline® range comes with unique features, developed to raise the challenges faced by field technicians. By combining versatility with reliability, the Eline® range of solutions rigorously meets the requirements of FTTH and FTTO networks.

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A perfect mix between design and performance

Floor distribution boxes (PMI), access terminal boxes (PTO) and building entry points (PMI) included within the Eline® range meet all the requirements to comply with the standards and recommendations embraced by the telecommunications regulatory authorities. Reliable and durable, the design of these fiber optic enclosures is optimized to guarantee performances above the average ones registered on the market. Discreet and minimalist, these optical boxes fit in with the environment.


The main expertise of Telenco being the cable suspension and anchoring on overhead telecom lines, the design of a fiber optic drop cables range was genuinely in line with the company’s know-how. Thanks to their different applications (indoor and outdoor), DROPTIC® cables enable to connect the operator’s networks from the drop cable termination to the subscriber’s network via an access terminal box. Efficient, these cables enhance faster and optimized  fiber optic deployments.

A full range of FTTH drop cables

Droptic cable range was designed to meet operators and installers challenges but also to comply with international standards (IEC). Versatile, it adapts to the requirements of various architectures of FTTH access networks. Easy to install, DROPTIC® drop cables adapt perfectly to the deployment conditions of telecom networks.

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A design combining leading-edge technology and versatility

Manufacturing DROPTIC® cables requires the use of a cutting-edge equipment. Assisted by a software program, our production teams concentrate on the utmost precision when manufacturing cable.   Thanks to our know-how and to our machines’ performance, our range can be declined in pre-terminated DROPTIC® cables : all type of connectors can be added so to ensure a rapid and optimized fiber optic deployment for any network configuration.

TED Equipement®

Launched in 2014, TED Equipement® is a store brand including a complete range of equipment at the service of telecom technicians. This range was designed to meet the needs of technicians when installing and maintaining telecom networks. TED Equipement® offers a large palette of professional material : tooling, safety equipment, test & measurement devices or consumables. Every product is engineered to bring an added value in terms of ergonomics so to enhance the comfort and the security of each technician.

Technicity – Efficiency – Durability

The TED Equipement®  brand is built on Telenco’s know-how in designing. We also relied on sustainable partners with far-famed manufacturers for extending our brand, sometimes by combining our technical skills and knowledge around the same project. Each product is systematically developed based on criteria of performance, ergonomics and durability.

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100% adapted to field challenges products

Designed with and for telecom technicians, TED Equipement® products reunite performance, ergonomics and reliability. Inspired by concrete challenges, TED Equipement® products are driven by our reflections focusing mainly on the comfort and the safety of technical teams. Easy to use and efficient, TED Equipement® products offer an interesting quality/price ratio on the telecommunications market, providing thus everyone with quality equipment for their jobs. Today, the range continues its expansion by offering suitable equipment for fiber optic networks deployment and maintenance interventions.