For more than 20 years, Telenco has fostered values that are now considered the pillars of our development. The group promotes these values to its co-workers and customers on a daily basis, in an environment propitious to professional achievement and sharing.

Shared values, common ambitions

Professionalism and innovation

Customer culture requires a lot of agility from our teams. A Telenco project settles on the commitment of each one of our co-workers. Its success is the direct result of a collective performance, a perfect mix between personal involvement and the group’s competence. At Telenco we engage into a day-to-day quest for innovation to provide customers with qualitative solutions and services. We also care to build deep-rooted relations with our customers and stakeholders, consolidated on trust and respect.


Team spirit and sharing

Telenco is an incredible human adventure above all : our collective empowered us to become a key player in the telecom sector and to breakthrough every day in an constantly evolving market. Team spirit and taste for teamwork determine our co-workers to also associate around professional, festive or sporting events and to defend all together causes that we support.

Resposability and commitments

Being a responsible company means first and above all listening to customers’ expectations and treating all its partners equally. At Telenco we understand being responsible by creating a work environment encouraging the development and creativity, singled-out by the social diversity and cultural and ethnic mix that composes our group’s wealth.
Telenco’s co-workers and managers are voluntarily engaged an environmental and ethical approach, on a daily basis.