Corporate culture

Corporate culture

Telenco is above all a human adventure. Initiated by three explorers who set out to conquer the telecommunications market, none of this was possible without their team. Our corporate culture builds on fundamental values that stand out from the crowd when our co-workers progress all together.

Corporate culture

Team spirit

As in a rugby match, Telenco is one and the same team. Our co-workers prove this perfectly during  sporting challenges organized by the company where, as at work, one’s various skills contribute to the entire group’s wealth.

Telenco wishes to create synergies between its employees so to continuously improve services and to bring out transversal projects. We encourage initiatives where various skills are considered and used at their fair value. Together we will reach our objectives and go beyond our ambitions.

Corporate culture

Diversity and equal opportunities

Telenco is proud of its ethnic, cultural and generational wealth.  Diversity is the seed of Telenco’s innovation and success. Our co-workers are respectful of their peers and perform in accordance with the values of the company.

Telenco is the company of all possibilities. We guarantee equal opportunities and non-discrimination treatment. Telenco group is honored to count on skillful and different co-workers, always reunited around common initiative projects.

An unchanged start-up spirit

Twenty years after its creation, Telenco hasn’t changed its mind set. The operation mode, similar to a start-up, is conceived to stimulate our employees’ capacity to innovate, react and interact.

We progress all together in a collaborative and open working environment so to preserve relationships of trust and proximity but also to perform in a warm and dynamic vibe.

At Telenco we have enough energy to spare! As telecommunications market is constantly evolving, our projects are numerous and diverse. Each day announces a new challenge to raise !


Corporate culture

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