Our CSR commitment

Our CSR commitment

At Telenco, CSR is an important concern. The Group commits to following a respectful and solidarity CSR policy both on societal (diversity, wellbeing at work, sponsoring…) and environmental (eco-conception, biodiversity, ecology…) aspects. Each year, Telenco launches new projects to take its CSR approach even further.

Telenco: a committed employer

Telenco is committed to inclusiveness. The Group promotes and protects the integration of minorities by, for example, requesting to do different types of work by people with disabilities (parks and garden maintenance), by mentally deficient people (kitting operations), but also by people in vocational integration (packing of our printed communications). It is the same inside Telenco Group, where employees have their own history but are integrated in the same way through an established integration process.

Acting for health and well-being at work

Employee well-being at work is important for Telenco. Keeping our employees in good health remains essential, especially when sport is part of the values we daily share. Thus, Telenco advise its employees to exercise regularly. To this end, the company organises sports challenges to train them to exceed their objectives. Employees based in Moirans (French Alps) also have a gym at their disposal.

An osteopath is coming on Telenco’s premises in the French Alps and offers personalised sessions to improve their working comfort and to reduce musculoskeletal disorders. Telenco cover two sessions per year and per employee. In Portugal, Telenco employees set up a morning wake-up call with warm-ups to start the day.

The implementation of remote working and digital tools such as Microsoft Teams were already in the mindset of Telenco. The health context has accelerated their implementation and will now remain established in the Group’s practices.

Our CSR commitment

Building responsible partnerships

Telenco Group carefully selects its partners and supports those who are in line with our values and our CSR policy. The current health context has also accelerated the project of resourcing in Europe or nearby: these new supply locations represent a real environmental, social and societal interest.

Our CSR commitment

Solidarity and local actions

Telenco puts in place sponsoring actions and solidarity initiatives. For a few years, the Group has faithfully supported three projects:

  • Les Enfants de l’Ovale: international association, especially in Africa, enabling the apprenticeship of rugby and its values to more than 1300 children in dedicated centres.
  • FCG Grenoble Rugby endowment fund: Telenco also highlights the importance of supporting local actions. The “FCG in my town” transmits the values of rugby to the children of the Grenoble area, located a few kilometres from Telenco’s head office.
  • The Digital Plumbers: this project enables people far from employment to be trained in fibre optic professions, so that they can enter the job market quickly. This initiative is supported by Telenco, which is providing its expertise in the field by supplying training equipment.

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Each year, Telenco also supports local sport associations. This financial assistance enables small organizations to develop, reimburse expenses or carry out a project.

A Group committed to environmental protection

In terms of environment, Telenco is involved and is taking actions to reduce its carbon footprint. The Group has launched the LCA (Product Life Cycle Assessment) approach with the improvement of its eco-design policy. The objective is to quantify the impacts in order to improve them.

Telenco recently launched a campaign to rehabilitate its sites in the French Alps: all sites in the region have switched to green energy; a heat pump has also been installed at Telenco headquarters. In order to reduce its ecological impact, Telenco favours digitalisation: 95% of the Group’s websites are hosted on local servers and 90% in green datacenters.

Our CSR commitment

Global Compact

The Global Compact is an international initiative on Sustainable Development. Telenco is one of the 14,000 entities that adhere to its 10 principles relating to human rights, international labour standards, environment and fight against corruption.

Our CSR commitment


EcoVadis certification assesses Corporate Social Responsibility based on performance criteria and results. By obtaining the EcoVadis Gold certification, Telenco Group proves its advanced commitment to CSR, with the objective to maintain their level during the next years.

Our CSR commitment


All of the Telenco Group’s industrial facilities are ISO9001 certified. The quality of the manufactured products is in accordance with the required standards and the laws in force. This certification confirms the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, thanks to products that have been tested and validated to better meet our customers’ requirements.

Our charters: Telenco involves its employees

Each action taken by Telenco is explained internally to raise employee awareness of these concerns, which have become fundamental for the company. The Group’s next objective is to extend to the various international subsidiaries all that has been undertaken at headquarters and at the sites in mainland France.

Our CSR commitment