Double digit growth combined with more than two decades of expertise enables Telenco to offer innovative solutions in line with France's very high-speed broadband Plan and to the Group’s international ambitions. Beyond this beautiful adventure with a powerful entrepreneurial spirit in the telecommunications’ market, more than 300 employees move the Group’s growth forward across the globe. A combination of passion and professionalism is the final touch to reach Telenco’s objectives: to succeed together in the smooth running of fiber optic and copper roll-out projects in France and abroad. Discover the heart of Telenco’s network!

1999 – The origins of an ambitious project

Designing, manufacturing and commercializing anchoring and last mile access solutions for aerial telecommunications networks describes the common project carried out by three businessmen and strengthened with their different skills. The Telenco® anchor clamp has been entirely developed and designed by our research department. This product takes a part in the history of the Group and remains one of Telenco’s flagship solutions. The company’s flexible and future-oriented departments have learned to adapt the developments in telecommunications. Thanks to fiber optic outbreak, Telenco is able to offer innovative solutions for roll-out and maintenance of today’s and tomorrow’s networks.

Ultra-fast growth

The need to rebuilt telecoms’ networks after the 1999 storm followed by the rapid progress of fiber optic roll-out projects has allowed Telenco to know a swift growth since its creation. The Group’s success is the result of a strategy accomplished by all employees over the past few years. The outcomes allow Telenco to go further on supporting international Telco’s and its subcontractors with a relevant and scalable FTTH offer.

Learn, share and support

At Telenco, know-how matters. Each product or service is selected according to strict criteria of quality, efficiency and durability. Telenco’s entities developed proper skills linked to their activities in order to comply with technical standards and at the same time to meet the needs of its customers.

Telenco goes international

Developing tomorrow’s networks, today across the globe