At Telenco, know-how is our key asset. Each product or service is selected according to strict criteria of quality, efficiency and durability. Specific skills have been developed by Telenco’s different entities, in line with their field of activity, so to both meet technical standards and customers’ needs


A recognised know-how from design to implementation

Design: 20 years of expertise in Research & Development

Telenco designs its products in-house and fully controls the process from the R&D phase up to the industrialisation. The design office develops future products to meet the most advanced field challenges, but also to satisfy the needs of most demanding customers. Engineers from the design office create products according to innovation and precision criteria. For ensuring an optimal level of quality, five research reviews are required to validate any product released on the market.

Highly endowed with optical, electrical and mechanical test laboratories, Telenco networks is able to respond quickly and efficiently to its customers’ demands. With a leading-edge technology equipment at its disposal, the company’s team is able to perform all the necessary tests so to meet the required technical standards.


Production and logistics: a mastered process

The manufacture or assembly of Telenco products at our production facilities in Moirans (French Alps) and Lavra (Portugal) allows us to fully control the quality of our products and supply times. Our 8,400 m² production facilities operate according to the same industrial methods, while also ensuring that production is planned and controlled quickly and efficiently. Telenco’s teams manufacture and assemble equipment for aerial fibre and copper telecom networks, as well as solutions for FTTH networks.

Telenco also has a proven logistics expertise, with 16,600 m² of storage area divided between our different subsidiaries around the world to meet our customers’ needs for network and field engineer equipment. Our supply departments ensure that there are sufficient stocks so that everyone is delivered on time and thus, be able to continue the deployment and maintenance of telecoms networks.

Export: expertise in international transport

Telenco delivers to its customers in more than 50 countries. Drawing on many years of experience, logistics and sales teams benefit of a real export expertise, enabling Telenco to provide its customers with a quality service.

Our expertise in transport and customs (Telenco is an Approved Exporter) allows us to carry out exports in compliance with international standards.


Distribution: a global network

Telenco relies on sales teams ensuring an active presence both at its headquarters and around the world. This enables the company to be extremely reactive when processing the customers’ requests, but also to be confronted with the challenges that professionals may encounter on jobsites.

The opening of agencies (Nanterre –Paris region, La Possession –Reunion Island, Saint Joseph –West Indies, St-Martin-le-Vinoux –French Alps) and subsidiaries (Mexico, UK, Germany, Senegal and Ivory Coast) follows the same logic and enables us to offer an additional range of local services. The sales department also relies on its marketplace:, designed to efficiently meet the customers’ needs.