The 2021 review of the Digital Plumbers project

The 2021 review of the Digital Plumbers project

Supported by the Impala Avenir endowment fund, the Digital Plumbers project has just completed its fourth year and is reporting very positive results. Telenco, which provides equipment for the schools' technical platforms, is proud to support this initiative and is closely following the development plans for 2022.

Positive results

One of the Telenco Group’s main sponsoring actions is to support the Digital Plumbers, a professional integration project through short, pre-qualifying training courses for unqualified young people who are no longer in school. Their objective is to facilitate access to employment and to training leading to a diploma in telecoms professions which are in high demand in France.

As the project enters its fifth year, it is time for the Digital Plumbers to make an assessment for 2021, listing several facts:

– Out of more than 20 schools in France, only three have not been renewed. The durability of the project has been proven and the local recognition of partners, prescribers and companies allows the schools to operate independently from the third session onwards.

– After 6 to 12 months, the disparities between the “traditional” employees and those from the Digital Plumbers fade. An increase in skills is noted, allowing some to quickly gain responsibility within the companies.

– More than 55% of the trainees obtain a permanent contract at the end of their course.

– Telenco is actively involved in the project, having supported the Digital Plumbers on all the technical platforms.

In total in 2021, the Digital Plumbers have been able to open 5 additional schools, create 24 sessions and train 240 young people in telecommunications. The popularity of the project and the number of candidates trained are increasing every year. The project is beginning to be recognised at a national level and allows for rapid and long-term professional integration. Already 16 sessions are scheduled for 2022 and there are plans to expand the project to the African continent.

With the end of the “Plan France Très Haut Débit” announced for 2025, the Digital Plumbers are already thinking about the future and wish, from 2023 onwards, to develop their training catalogue and focus on the connected equipment market, representing the future of digital infrastructures.


Telenco aims to promote professional integration by supporting actions that boost the telecommunications market, which is currently booming. The Digital Plumbers shares our ethical values and we are pleased to support their national development.” Laurent Conrad, Managing Director of Telenco distribution