Football cleats for Senegal !

Football cleats for Senegal !

In association with GF38, Telenco initiated the project of collecting sporting equipment for two Senegalese amateur football clubs (the Palmarin football club and the 3S Academy of Gandiaye). New and used football cleats, training bibs, jerseys, sport shoes - over 550 equipment items have been collected for players of all ages.


Football is a widespread sport on the African continent. Popular with young and old alike, it brings people together and unites them around values such as sharing and team spirit.

However, in Africa, this activity suffers from a lack of material resources. In Senegal, spontaneous matches are organised on a daily basis. Most of the time barefoot, sportsmen and women play on improvised pitches: the beach, car parks or vacant lots, … Existing football clubs are also struggling to raise funds to invest in equipment. Associations, also supported by Telenco, implement actions to improve the playing conditions of amateur sportsmen and women.

After the opening of an agency in Senegal, the Telenco team was sensitized and felt the passion for football felt by most of the inhabitants. In association with the GF38, the “Football cleats for Senegal” project was thus born, with the aim of further contributing to the comfort of the players.

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The “Football cleats for Senegal” campaign represents a total of 42 days of collecting sports equipment from 9 collection points at our partners and also at Telenco locations.

The project has been a success as it has collected more than 180kg of equipment for the football clubs of Palmarin and Gandiaye. This represents 299 jerseys, 66 shorts, 62 footballs, 39 pairs of cleats but also 40 pairs of sneakers and 51 pairs of socks!

All the collected material has been sent to Senegal via a shipping container at the beginning of May. Telenco Senegal team took over to manage the customs clearance process and give the equipment to the selected football clubs.

The representatives of these two football clubs organized the equipment distribution: Babacar for Gandiaye and Ismaïla for Palmarin. They have expressed all the gratitude felt by the players who will benefit of improved training conditions for practicing their favorite sport.

By giving a second life to an old sports equipment, perhaps we have contributed at the raising of the future star of Lions of Teranga (the Senegal national football team) who will be facing Les Bleus (The French national football team) in the final of a next World Cup! Thanks to your generosity and that of Telenco’s employees, this project has become a reality and has been a huge success!

A special thanks to our partners who contributed to the success of this operation!

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  • CSF de Faramans
  • Stade des Alpes
  • A.S Fontaine
  • Stade du Vercors
  • Relaisaveurs
  • Class’croute
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