Telenco takes up the challenge of “La Renversante”

Telenco takes up the challenge of “La Renversante”

Every year Telenco calls on its employees to participate in a sports challenge. Running, trail, marathon... These events are an opportunity for the company's workers to surpass themselves but also to take part in a charity action. Thanks to its teams' commitment, Telenco is providing financial contributions that enable the associations supported by the Group to develop further.

All together for “Les Enfants de l’Ovale” and the “FCG in my city”

This year Telenco’ s employees participated in “La Renversante”, an obstacle race in the countryside of the French Alps. By offering four types of routes (6 km, 6 km duo, 6 km by walking and 11 km, time-controlled or not), “La Renversante” is for all levels and ages.

The purpose of this event is to have a good time by surpassing yourself. Costumes are strongly recommended to stand out, but also to create a team’ s identity!

“La Renversante” was an opportunity for Telenco to gather its employees around the same goal: the associations. This year “Les Enfants de l’Ovale” and the “FCG in my city” endowment fund were highlighted. These organizations were created to help children in trouble through the practice of sports, especially rugby. They have strong values that are shared by Telenco.

Each team registered is equivalent to 100 € donated for an association. To involve as many people as possible, Telenco has also decided to create a challenge on social networks. On each of the company’s posts about “La Renversante”, 1 like means 1 euro more for the associations.

Happiness, sharing and solidarity are the recipe of a successful challenge

At Telenco, seven teams of four to eight people took up the challenge! They competed in the 6- and 11-kilometer races. They showed team spirit and solidarity to reach the finish line.

Telenco’ s employees are also in competition against each other! The company organized a contest for the best costume: all the workers of the company will have the opportunity to vote for the team that best represented their association during the race. The winners will be rewarded with a place for the FCG Christmas game on Thursday, December 19th.

The combination of nature, mud, laughter and sport will certainly remain a very good memory for the 50 Telenco employees who participated in this adventure!


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