Musi’frat : the combination between music and rugby

Musi’frat : the combination between music and rugby

To support the Rugby Quad Grenoble, and at a larger scale the practice of wheelchair rugby and the social inclusion for people with disabilities, the Fraternelle Rugby Moirans team had the idea of combining sports and music during a festival organized on the stadium of Moirans : Musi’frat. Fond of the rugby values as well as of this initiative, Telenco group sponsored this first edition that took place the 29th and 30th of this last June.

Telenco funds the festival-goers of Moirans

Despite the heatwave that determined the festival-goers of showing up late on the stadium, this first Musi’frat edition turned out to be an event at the level of the greatest !

We would like to salute the work of the organizing team and the investment of volunteers who devoted themselves 100% during these two days to serve and refresh at best the festival-goers.

The artists came one after another and unleashed on the beautiful scene installed at the center of the stadium for the occasion. Manu Lanvin, the star guest of Saturday night, rocked the dance floor despite a suffocating heat.

Thumbs up for the Fraternelle Rugby Moirans for the initiative of this event and see you next year for the second edition of the festival !