Telenco and rugby share common values

Telenco and rugby share common values

Above and beyond sport, Telenco recognizes itself through the rugby values. Passion and rigor drive the group's employees in their daily work. Whether at work, in relationships between employees or with customers, Telenco stands out as a team with a single objective of success. As a true result of collective work, Telenco owes its strength both to its employees and to the diversity of their skills and professions. 

Together in our successes and in facing challenges

Team spirit is one of the fundamental rugby values: the group is stronger than the individual. Whether on the pit or at work, cooperation is essential: a single person cannot assume and endorse victory. That is why respect is also a key value in the work environment. Teamwork is part of Telenco’s corporate culture. Each employee is involved in a project leading to collective success. The individual choices are approved and supported by the group: everyone is concerned, even when facing challenges.

Teamwork is a basic principle for Telenco. Individual courage in rugby is related to the proper development of a company. Staying competitive is essential to differentiate yourself. This is why being strong first as an individual then widens the scope of possibilities as a group. Each employee has specific skills: it is up to Telenco to make them evolve in order to lead the entire team to success! Well managed, these skills are the basis of new innovations in the telecommunications market.

Team spirit, respect and courage are complementary to solidarity. Together, in success and defeat is Telenco’s motto. Recognizing your mistakes allows you to move forward but always as a team.

Innovation, the ultimate goal of employees

Both on the pit and at work, strategic choices are driven by tactical intelligence. Decisions are made according to defined criteria: the environment, the participants, but also the scope of the project. Being agile means knowing how to get around difficulties in order to reach success. At Telenco, each approach is driven by strict objectives. Tasks are divided between each actor according to his or her field of competence. Whether in rugby or in business, strategy must lead to a single goal: victory.

To move projects forward, tactical intelligence leads to taking initiatives. Telenco aims to anticipate its customers’ expectations as much as possible in order to offer innovative solutions in line with the fast-growing telecommunications market. A product or a service comes from an idea, which is why the employees’ potential and their ability to make suggestions should not be underestimated.

Telenco is daily inspired by the values of rugby, making the company a real gameground. Each skill is enhanced, allowing continuous innovation in the telecommunications market. Respect, tolerance and solidarity are fundamental values that build a pleasant working environment where everyone has an important role to play in the company’s overall project.