Telenco’s children put on a show for « Les enfants de l’Ovale »

Telenco’s children put on a show for « Les enfants de l’Ovale »

An event under the sign of solidarity

On this occasion, Telenco chose to offer a library to children of “Les Enfants de l’Ovale” association. A large collect of children’s books has been organized within the company and animated all our employees. Books will be shipped soon to Madagascar to fill in the library that Telenco will have manufactured on the spot so to support the local economy. Children from the Malagasy center will then be able to enjoy this new reading space !

During a snack organized by Telenco, our employees’ children came to drop their own books : in total 382 kg of books have been collected !

Drawings, cotton candy, make up and Maori bandanas…all the elements were reunited to share all together a convivial moment. Children also spent a long time training to prepare a Haka in response to the one sent by the children from the Malagasy center.

A big thank you to all children, their parents and animators for their generosity and great mood that made this event unforgettable!

Telenco invites you to join us soon to continue on supporting “Les Enfants de l’Ovale” association.