Telenco integrates its CSR approach into its participation in trade fairs.

Telenco integrates its CSR approach into its participation in trade fairs.

Every year, Telenco takes part in trade fairs for telecommunications professionals. In the run-up to these events, the creation of a stand is a long and meticulous process involving many stakeholders. From design to installation, the stand represents an environmental challenge that Telenco has decided to integrate into its CSR approach.

Corporate social responsibility is a key issue for Telenco. The group has defined CSR criteria as part of its global organisation and includes them in its tenders. Telenco selects its partners and suppliers rigorously and works with those who are in line with its values and CSR approach. This also applies to the choice of its stand operator.

To achieve this, Telenco has developed a set of specifications in line with its CSR approach, focusing on the environmental impact of the stand. The main selection criterion is sustainability. The entire project must be sustainable: from the relationship established with the stand builder to the materials used to design the stand. Telenco has opted for sustainable materials, reusable elements and furniture that can be adapted to the dimensions of its stands at the various trade fairs.

The reusability of the stand is a key criterion in this approach. It helps to maintain a consistent image from one event to the next, while guaranteeing a controlled environmental impact.

Telenco has chosen to purchase some of the stand components, such as the arches, furniture, signage, multimedia, etc. Another part of the components is rented (floors, lights, etc.), which helps to combat over-consumption and save resources.

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