Telenco launches a disability awareness campaign for its employees

Telenco launches a disability awareness campaign for its employees

The Group has been working for years to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities. In 2022, a Disability Advisor was appointed for the French subsidiaries. This person informs, supports employees and promotes the hiring, integration and job retention of people with disabilities. To take this approach further, Telenco has set up awareness-raising sessions and events to provide initial information about disability at work. Discover the interview of Floriane Payet, Telenco’s Disability Advisor: 

  • Who is behind this initiative? 

I was appointed Disability Advisor for our French entities, and I wanted to launch an internal awareness-raising plan for employees, in addition to all the disability initiatives that had already been underway for several years. 

  • How did this initiative come about? 

As Telenco is very sensitive to CSR issues, this initiative was supported and easily implemented in partnership with our social protection organisation. They support us in our social initiatives, in particular through the animation of awareness-raising sessions on disability directly in the company. 

  • What are the objectives of this campaign? 

The objective is to provide employees with a first level of information about disability in the workplace in order to eliminate any prejudices, and thus promote and facilitate the integration of people with disabilities at Telenco. 

  • Who has already participated? 

The first session took place in June 2023 with a small group of new employees, and we expect 2-3 sessions per year as part of the induction period. By the end of 2023, our employee committees and most of the managers will have participated in a session. In 2024, we will also offer “open” sessions to all Telenco employees who wish to participate voluntarily.