Telenco networks brings together its three Portuguese production units in Lavra

Telenco networks brings together its three Portuguese production units in Lavra

Originally spread over three separate locations, Telenco networks' various production activities have now since August been brought together in a single building located in Lavra, in the North of Porto. More than 140 employees now work within the company for the advancement of telecom networks.


The Lavra facility, which initially hosted the only cable manufacturing activity, now brings together Telenco networks’ other two optical and mechanical production activities thanks to a large surface area. After the rehabilitation work was completed in a record time, three factories can now be grouped together in a single building of 8500 m². A month and a half were enough to recreate the working environment necessary for the smooth running of the production, in particular of Optical Terminal Outlets, anchoring clamps, duct rods but also telecommunications cables. This area meets all the conditions for creating an atmosphere conducive to development. In April 2019, the very first kilometers of cables were manufactured there. The working methods and procedures introduced are consistent with those implemented in France to ensure the homogeneity of manufacturing and production techniques for optical, mechanical and cable manufacturing activities.

The history of the Lavra facility is still in its early stages: further work is planned as early as 2021, including the construction of a showroom. Telenco Portugal will thus reach a new step and will be Telenco’s local showcase on the Lusitanian territory and promises great future prospects for the young entity. Today these three activities on a single location provide operators and their subcontractors with complete solutions for the installation and maintenance of telecommunications networks.

For the employees, this relocation represents a stimulating step both professionally and socially. Telenco wanted to invest in a pleasant work space where all employees are united around the three activities. “More interaction and team cohesion” according to Manuel Moutinho, a former employee and now Director of the Lavra building, where “a family” has been created.