Telenco organises the Climate Fresco

Telenco organises the Climate Fresco

The Climate Fresco at Telenco

In agreement with its environmental commitments, the CSR Committee of the Telenco Group continues to implement its action plan. With the training of Ophélie Chamary, the Group’s Quality, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development Coordinator, Telenco has taken a new step forward and set itself the target of raising the awareness of 70% of its employees by December 2025.

To achieve this goal, Telenco will organise workshops several times a quarter. The project was launched with the French sales team on 12 January 2024. Amer, a Telenco salesman, took part in the first workshop run by Ophélie and shares his experience with us:

“The exercise was very good and very interesting. The fact that you participated and didn’t just watch a presentation raised your awareness. We’re all aware of the impact humans have on the planet, but when you see the fresco you realise that it’s really happening. The biggest mountains are made up of small stones and everyone’s efforts can make a big difference!”

What is the Climate Fresco?

The Climate Fresco is a participatory workshop designed to promote understanding and awareness of climate issues. It is an awareness-raising workshop in which participants work together to construct the mechanism of global warming through the links between cause and effect.

The workshop is based on data from the scientific reports of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), whose recommendations guide political and economic decisions on a global scale.

For more information, visit the Climate Fresco website by clicking here!