Telenco publishes its CSR Report 2022

Telenco publishes its CSR Report 2022

As Jean-Yves Marillat, CEO of Telenco, points out, “since it was founded in 1999, CSR has been in Telenco’s DNA. Management has put Telenco’s ethical, social and sustainable development commitments at the heart of its business model, fully involving its employees”. This first report presents the commitments, actions and progress made by the Group's French companies for 2022.

Discover the 2022 CSR Report

At the heart of every project, Telenco’s CSR approach is divided into four strategic areas:

Ethics, in particular with the existence of a code of conduct that centralises the important themes and values to be passed on within the teams as they carry out their activities.
Social and societal by supporting diversity, inclusion and professional equality
Health and safety, for example through regular initiatives to promote employee well-being.
The environment, through internal awareness-raising campaigns and the introduction of an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) approach enabling Telenco to control the environmental impact of the products it develops.

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