Telenco remains faithful to the “FCG in my town”

Telenco remains faithful to the “FCG in my town”

After a very positive season in 2021-2022, Telenco has decided to renew its support to the Grenoble rugby club's endowment fund.

2022: the results in a few key figures

During this season, the “Rugby and Fair Play programme” will have enabled 1,300 pupils from 13 primary schools to discover rugby and to work with the club’s educators on fair play over a cycle of 5 sessions.

Throughout the year, 34 children from Grenoble’s disadvantaged neighbourhoods were able to learn about rugby at the stadium. A dedicated bus brings the children to the stadium so that they can practice their activity, and then brings them back home. This is a much-appreciated initiative, without which they would not have been able to discover the discipline and practice a sport in a supervised and regular way.

64 deserving children were offered a week of discovery training in half-board, as a reward for their spirit and skills.

A new plan, the “secondary school project”, enabled 650 pupils to discover rugby. Like the primary school pupils, the children took part in an end-of-cycle tournament organised at the stadium.

After two years of work experience at the « Fraternelle Rugby club” in Moirans (French Alps) – supported by the FCG Endowment Fund – Titouan Elissalde is now employed on a permanent basis as the club’s Development Manager. During his work experience, he has worked in special educational needs schools, primary and secondary schools throughout the region. Titouan also created an adapted sports section. With the opening of the “Frat’Adapt” section, the club joined the FFSA (French Federation of Adapted Sports), and opened the practice of rugby to young people aged between 8 and 16 with mental and psychological disabilities. Through a playful approach to rugby, children will develop their ability to cooperate, socialise and overcome their fear of contact. A great challenge for this small club in the French Alps.

2023: The endowment fund strengthens and develops its actions

In 2023, the objective is to continue working on the continuity of all that has been put in place in recent years, notably through the “Rugby and Fair Play” programme. To do this, the club’s educators will continue to intervene in numerous schools and working-class neighbourhoods in the city to make rugby attractive and convey the FCG message, which keyworks are altruism, fair play and discovery.

The project of the Endowment Fund for the coming years is to increase all their activities: the number of interventions, schools, of young people reached, of free rugby courses. The project will also focus on diversifying the practice by making young people aware of disabilities and working with kindergarteners on early learning and motor skills.