Telenco is donating €13,132 to Enfants de l’Ovale and the FCG in my city

Telenco is donating €13,132 to Enfants de l’Ovale and the FCG in my city

Telenco has been supporting the association Les Enfants de l'Ovale and the FC Grenoble Rugby endowment fund ("FCG in my city") for several years. Through challenges, the Group raises funds to help these structures to develop their actions. In 2020, Telenco participated in two events: the Mobility Challenge and Bewalk. Our employees mobilised themselves and were thus able to donate €13,132 to these two associations.

Together with the associations

The Mobility Challenge is a key annual event for companies. Organised over one day by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, it consists in going to work using soft means of transport. Walking, cycling, public transport, car-pooling, … Whatever the means, the aim is to adopt a more environmentally friendly means of transport! In 2020, in relation to the sanitary situation and the COVID-19, teleworking is also considered as a more ecological way of working.

On September 20th, Telenco took part in the mobility challenge. With “Mobility and the Environment” as a common theme, this tenth edition was once again an opportunity for the Group to raise funds for associations (1 kilometre covered = €1 donated). A total of 67 employees took part to the challenge and changed their transport habits by opting for a more ecological approach. Among these 44% of participation, 51% chose to carpool: a solution that was greatly exploited thanks to a carpooling schedule set up a few days earlier in all Telenco buildings. This idea enabled Telenco to be awarded the special carpooling prize by Mov’Ici, a service launched by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region to organise its daily journeys.  This year, Telenco has climbed to a fine 23rd place in the general ranking of medium-sized towns (out of 162 participants). The Group’s employees travelled 1,426 kilometres using a soft mode of transport, which corresponds to €1,426 donated to the association Les Enfants de l’Ovale and the “FCG dans ma ville” endowment fund.

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Team spirit, sharing, solidarity, conviction, …. These are the values promoted by Telenco and reflect sports values. This is why, every year, the Group wishes to honour its attachment to sport and its values by taking part in a sports challenge, such as trails, marathons or obstacle races. This is also a new opportunity for Telenco to donate funds to associations. This year, COVID-19 imposed the postponement of many events. The Telenco Group has therefore decided to adapt by proposing Bewalk: a semi-digital challenge where employees, in teams of 4, compete to walk as many steps as possible!

From the 6th to the 12th of October, 168 employees of Telenco changed their habits in order to walk as much as possible during their everyday life. Whether at work or at the weekend, the 42 teams were connected to the application on their smartphone to synchronise their steps, follow the evolution of their team and the general ranking. For the associations, 1,000 steps brought in €1. For their first participation, the Telenco teams performed well, taking 11,706,362 steps, which means €11,706 was donated to les Enfants de l’Ovale and the “FCG in my city“. The first Telenco team, with more than 900,000 steps, reached the 30th place in the Bewalk world ranking! In addition, the Bewalk organisers noticed the constant good mood of our employees, who turned the challenge into a week of fun and surpassing oneself. That is why Bewalk awarded the Sympathy Award to the Telenco Group.

A total of €13,132 was donated to the two structures. Through these actions, Telenco keeps on committing itself to the associations to convey strong values and encourage initiatives of the territories for the common interest. More than a company, the Group is positioned as a strong player ready to support both humanitarian and environmental causes.