Telenco supports associations from the French Alps

Telenco supports associations from the French Alps

Solidarity, sharing and tolerance are values conveyed by sports. At Telenco, they are pillars of our development. Collaborative work and strong teamwork culture within the different units has enabled the company to succeed in the telecommunications market and to be innovative every day in the sector. By sponsoring actions, Telenco wants to spread these values on a larger scale.

Every year, Telenco supports several local sports associations. The company wishes to bring to the fore these genuine representatives of the surrounding cultural landscape and to give a helping hand at their development. By investing into the future, we hearten the fulfilment of hundreds of persons. In 2019, four organizations have a place of honor.

Telenco has offered a financial endowment to “Rêves en Scène”, a dancing club based in the Grenoble area. This charity association organizes dance performances and redirects the raised funds to hospitalized persons or to organizations such as the Téléthon (fighting against genetic diseases) or the Locomotive (fighting against cancer).

In a context where our French footballers are world champions, this year we put football under the spotlight! We rewarded the volunteering and dedication of the players from Faramans football club, with 3 parkas for the coaches, from AS Football of Fontaine with a set of jerseys for the U13 boys’ team and from AS Bajatière with new sports equipment for 7 players football teams.


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