Telenco’s employees adopt Tel’Eco measures

Telenco’s employees adopt Tel’Eco measures

Telenco has always been involved for the environment. Through actions, both internally on its sites and externally with its customers, the Group is giving itself the means to be a responsible local player. In 2020, Telenco is deploying more resources to make a further step forward in its approach.

One more step for the environment

Since its creation, Telenco has undertaken an environmental approach in line with its activity. The Group applies reasoned working conditions for a better management of its ecological footprint. Whether in offices, logistics warehouses or production methods, Telenco’s employees are committed to adopt a behavior in line with the company’s objectives and values.

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In 2020, Telenco keeps on improving its environmental performances, particularly with its coworkers. In accordance with the Tel’Eco Charter, the Group made grow new trees on its buildings! In the shape of stickers, they are a new tool to raise awareness of Tel’Eco behaviors to reduce everyone’s ecological footprint at work. Each branch stands for statistics on companies and their impact on the environment. Telenco takes into account each issue and tries to provide an appropriate solution in relation with its activity. For example, the Group has distributed bamboo fibre mugs to replace plastic cups in coffee machines. These initiatives also allow Telenco to challenge its employees to change their consumption habits at the workplace. A collective awareness that has already been bearing fruit for several years!