The Digital Plumbers’ challenges for 2021

The Digital Plumbers’ challenges for 2021

In 2021, the Digital Plumbers, a project initiated by the Association Impala Avenir Développement for the insertion of young people far from employment in digital infrastructure jobs, keeps expanding in France. A new school for Digital Plumbers has just opened in Grenoble with a short training course based on learning how to use gestures with a professional and allowing for employability of only 4 months in a sector under stress. It is carried by the Second-chance School Isère for the refresher course and by the ITM of Grenoble for the technical teaching of the profession. The structure trains young people in the career of fibre optic technician. This program, which has already met with great success, allows Impala Avenir to foresee new development opportunities in other professions that are under pressure.

Recently, the Second-chance School and the Digital Plumbers initiated a new session at the ITM in Grenoble, already equipped with a technical platform to be able to welcome trainees in the best conditions. A technical specialist from Telenco was also able to speak to them to share his experience and the working conditions of a technician. With no basic knowledge of the telecoms sector, ten young people were able to complete this training and enter the job market. This success encourages The Digital Plumbers to officially launch the opening of a second session in 2021 (the school is officially opened since March). The idea of creating a mobile technical platform to reach out to young people in neighbouring conurbations is also being discussed.

Much more than a simple training course, the cooperation between the Second-chance School, the ITM of Grenoble and the Digital Plumbers helps the young people selected to build a real-life project. Beyond the construction of a professional project, the young people who join the course find a rhythm and a framework for their everyday life. They are supported in their administrative procedures and are supervised throughout their training. The professions in which the young people are trained require mobility and therefore a driving licence. Sometimes subsidised by the department (this is the case for the Grenoble session), it remains difficult to find this funding, which is essential to allow the trainees to enter the job market.

Unfortunately, current sanitary conditions make it difficult to find apprenticeships, which are essential for learning these professions, but also for finding stable employment.

Are you a company in the telecommunications sector? Become a partner of The Digital Plumbers!

By welcoming one or more young people free of charge for a 4-week internship in your company, you will be working towards their integration through work. Each trainee is thus trained according to your methods and, with the support of the Digital Plumbers’ training, they will then be able to enter the job market directly as telecoms technicians.