Tomorrow’s networks by Telenco

Tomorrow’s networks by Telenco

Last 3rd October, partners, suppliers and customers met each other at the Telenco networks’ headquarters in Moirans (French Alps) on the occasion of an event focused on the future of telecommunications networks in France and abroad, organized by Telenco and Infranum federation.

Discussions and debates were at the heart of this event that gathered manufacturers, telecommunication operators and installers coming from across the world.

Pre-connectorized access terminals at the customer’s premises, public initiatives networks projects or smart cities… were some of the topics that rhythmed the event.  The innovation question also joined the debate with the TED Equipement® product range. Designed with and for telecommunication technicians, TED Equipement® products assert to be technical, efficient and durable, but also ergonomic and safe.

The expanding telecommunications market hires many technicians to build and maintain reliable networks. With the professional inclusion for early school leavers as ambition, Les Plombiers du Numérique (‘The Digital Plumbers’) provide free courses to teach them telecom trades in 6 training academies dispatched in France. Florian Du Boÿs, founder of ‘the Digital Plumbers’, came to present his innovative initiative, supported by Telenco group for more than a year now. The group contributes to the implementation of the project by donating professional materials for the technical platforms of the training academies. Telenco’s experts also take part in the project by broadcasting video tutorials and explaining technical handling techniques.

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With an appointment given during the Rugby World Cup, this event was also the opportunity for Telenco to remind its commitment and its sponsoring actions for the benefit of both « Les Enfants de l’Ovale » association and the FCG dotation fund. In perfect harmony with the group values, these organizations advocate sharing, solidarity and team-spirit. Their common ambition is to highlight the individual diversity as a key asset for the group’s strength.

Today, Telenco group and its whole team warmly thanks all the 150 participants who brought their contribution to the rich exchanges that animated this event. We also thank them for their daily collaboration: each one of them is an active part of the success story written by Telenco for the past 20 years.

Many thanks to the Infranum federation who coordinates the roundtables. Many thanks also to the hosts and speakers who shared their experiences :

Jean-Claude Da Rocha (TELENCO NETWORKS), host of the roundtable: «Pre-connectorized access terminals at the customer’s premises : a solution for the future ?»

  • David Boisseau – ORANGE
  • Jérémy Orelli – ZEOP
  • Patrice Biache – CORNING

Olivier Duroyon (NOKIA), host of the roundtable: «What is the purpose of smart cities ?»

  • Gilles Billet – IFOTECH
  • Jean-Bernard Sers – SOGETREL
  • Laurence Comparat – GRENOBLE Town hall
  • Sophie Houzet – OSWILLO

Hervé Rasclard (INFRANUM), host of the roundtable: «Professional inclusion at the heart of Public Initiative Networks projects»

  • Florian du Boÿs – LES PLOMBIERS DU NUMERIQUE (‘The Digital Plumbers ‘)
  • Pascal Goin – CAMPUS NUMERIQUE (‘Digital Campus’)
  • Pascale Bouysset – Head of a school
  • Sébastien Javon – ECOLE DE LA DEUXIEME CHANCE (‘Second chance school’)