Telenco invests in sustainable human and material resources to reduce at most its impact on the environment. We strongly believe that for building our future we need to watch over our planet first.

Telenco and the environment

Telenco knows that a company can generate a lot of harmful waste for the planet. Aware of the impact that it may have on future generations, our company makes every effort to limit its ecological footprint and adopts respectful behaviors in relation with our ecosystem.

To successfully carry out this environmental project, Telenco created its own ecological charter. Endorsed by the signature of all our employees, the Telenco charter is not just another internal rule : it represents a sincere day-to-day commitment. Everyone of our co-workers conducts according to the company’s values when at work. Waste is sorted, recycled and as we’re in a digital era, paper is subject to a reasonable use. We encourage alternative transports and carpooling.  Not just the employees but the company itself invests in training, communicating and ensuring a monitoring of the implemented actions each year.

Telenco tries its best to control the produced energies, notably for Telenco networks and its production units. We anticipate the life cycle of a product and make a responsible production :  we examine scrupulously every material in order to use the most energy-efficient elements available on the market.

Discover the Tel’Eco charter


An alarming fact has been established these last few years : about 30% of the total number of bees disappear each year. Pollinators, these honey producers are essential for the life of our planet. In fact, around 80% of the crops depend on these insects.

Telenco wants to bring its support to biodiversity and the protection of bees by opening a beekeeping section within the company. Since May 2019, two bee hives are installed on the site of Telenco networks, in Moirans (French Alps). The hives’ maintenance and management is ensured by volunteer employees. Thanks to their dedicated work, Telenco will produce its own honey!

However, Telenco did not install these hives with the aim of collecting honey. Through this beekeeping section, our company wishes to raise awareness on the importance of protecting bees and biodiversity. Apiculture initiation sessions are set up so to make everyone understand the stakes of such an installation.