Annual report

Presentation of Shareholders

actionnaires rapport annuel 2019 Telenco


Managing director of Telenco distribution


Managing director of Telenco networks


CEO of Telenco


Administrative and Financial Director

Key figures

105 750 000 €

Turnover in 2019

40 %

Economic growth


Overall workforce of Telenco

16 000 m²

Total storage area

8 400 m²

Production units

Quality policy

qualité rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

Telenco is attentive to the needs and expectations of its customers. The Group develops products and offers quality services, ensuring that they comply with European requirements and standards. At Telenco, quality management is based on the principle of continuous improvement. Thanks to processes that are rigorously tracked and led by qualified referees, Telenco masters the quality of its services and products.

As a designer-manufacturer, Telenco networks has an additional guarantee of the effectiveness of its Quality Management System. As an ISO 9001 certified company, Telenco networks meets the customer demand and requirements by always providing a high standard of quality. Without going as far as certification, the other Group companies work in accordance with clearly defined procedures.

In order to know and understand the opinions of its customers, Telenco carries out a satisfaction survey every year. The data collected allows Telenco Group to adjust its quality processes so to better meet the stakeholders' expectations. In 2018, 95% of Telenco customers were satisfied with its products and services.


Telenco is committed to continuously improving its level of social responsibility. The Group puts a lot of effort and energy into committing on a regular basis to ethics, respect for human rights, environment and labour law.


Telenco controls the impact of its activity on the environment by :

• Implementing the necessary means to prevent water, air and soil pollution but also to obviate all kind of harmful effects;
• Limiting the production of waste by promoting its reuse;
• Controlling the use of raw materials in the manufacture of our products;
• Ensuring a responsible use of energy and water, by controlling their consumption ;

By implementing its own environmental charter (Tel'Eco), Telenco sets the good practices in terms of ecological objectives for its employees: waste sorting, carpooling, responsible purchasing, ... In 2017, Telenco started to install electric car plugs. Every action counts to reduce the company's ecological footprint.


Telenco develops the governance of the organisation daily / on a day-to-day basis. Through different actions, the Group brings to life values that define Telenco: professionalism and innovation, solidarity and sharing, responsibility and commitment.

The Social and Economic Committees of Telenco networks and Telenco distribution are involved throughout their mandate in proposing actions for the well-being of employees: profit-sharing agreement, holiday vouchers, preferential rates for family outings or leisure activities between employees... In a company where diversity is the strength of the collective, Telenco promotes inclusion through the integration of disabled people. The Group supports establishments and services that provide assistance through work.

Telenco is also committed to others by siding with different associations every year. All employees are involved by taking part in an annual sports challenge that raises funds for each of theses organisations.


Telenco wishes to convey values of respect and responsibility by creating its own Ethical Charter. By signing this document, the Group's employees and contributors commit to respecting the social and ecological environment in which they daily work. The charter is a guarantee for employees: it ensures health through safety. An ethical referent appointed in each company is responsible for guaranteeing respect for each individual, data and privacy as well as for pursuing the fight against corruption and fraud.

As a designer-manufacturer, Telenco networks complies with the 1502 article of the American Dodd-Frank law by systematically checking each product for the presence of conflict minerals. Gold, tungsten, tantalum or tin must not originate from the Democratic Republic of Congo and its bordering areas in order not to encourage exploitation and forced labour. The company is also closely adhering to the European REACH regulation, which is a biannually updated list of substances of concern. Every substance included in Telenco networks' products is controlled.

In 2019, Telenco obtained EcoVadis Gold certification for Telenco networks and Silver for Telenco distribution. This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessment based on performance and results criteria highlights the Group's actions for the environment, employees and its ethics.

The Global Compact is a voluntary initiative that brings together more than 14,000 entities involved in social responsibility in 160 countries. Telenco networks has chosen to adhere to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Telenco and telecoms


Since 2019, Infranum has been working to ensure that digital infrastructures become a strategic sector of the state. More than 200 companies and organisations are part of it: the organisation helps to consolidate or create links between all the members of the sector.

Infranum enables Telenco distribution to discuss future projects in the telecommunications sector with various partners (customers, suppliers, institutions).


CREDO is the technical reference on the FTTH market. Its aim is to draw up technical documents that have reference values for the market. Telenco has recently participated in the writing of the technical elements on the Datacenters' guide.

Telenco is also presenting its anchoring and suspension solutions in the CREDO's "Generation Fibre" bus, which travels throughout France to support territories in the appropriation of the potential of Very High Speed broadband.


ARCEP regulates the electronic communications sectors on behalf of the State, while remaining independent from political powers and economic players.

Telenco has been a member of the fibre expert committee since 2019. The Group provides technical solutions to issues directly submitted by ARCEP. In 2019, Telenco contributed to the writing of a chapter for a collection of technical specifications on overhead cables and their compatibility with anchoring clamps.


Telenco has been a member of the UK-based INCA since 2019. INCA is the voice of its various telecom players to major operators.

By joining this organisation, Telenco wishes to anticipate the opening of its new subsidiary in London. The Group is thus beginning to position the Telenco offer on the market by paying close attention to challenges in the telecommunications’ market of United Kingdom.

innovation rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

Innovation policy

Telenco always seeks to introduce innovative products to the telecommunications market. The Group's innovation policy is spread around three distinct strategies:

100% Development by Telenco: the combination of internal and external resources
Telenco has vast in-house resources: the technical knowledge of its business experts and the telecom expertise of its design office make it possible to develop products adapted to the telecommunications sector. The feedback from Telenco's customers in the field is also precious for creating solutions meeting the most encountered issues during an intervention.

Co-development: the match between know-how and creativity
Telenco wishes to combine the particular expertise of each department: the technical know-how of the industrials combined with the fresh and sharpened vision of the Group's marketers enable the creation of innovative products. Each new product brings a new experience for the technicians in the field thanks to particular ergonomics.

Co-branding of products with manufacturers
Telenco selects tools and equipment available on other markets to improve their ergonomics. By carrying out co-branding, Telenco offers improved solutions specially adapted to the working conditions of telecom technicians.

"Innovation is part of a manufacturer's DNA"

Marketing Director of Telenco distribution

Modernisation of logistics tools

New high-performance tools for better order processing

2019 has been a year of evolution for Telenco, especially for its logistics. The investment in a new 5,500m² logistics platform in France (Saint-Martin-le-Vinoux, French Alps) and more than 7,000m² of production facilities in Portugal means that demand can now be anticipated as Telenco's companies' business grows at a rapid pace.

In larger buildings and with an ever-increasing number of orders to be prepared, optimising the working conditions of the warehouse workers was a key focus this year. Telenco has therefore invested in new ride-on trucks: they enable order pickers to avoid walking more than ten kilometres a day in buildings that may have doubled in surface area. Always with efficiency in mind, the warehouse staff are equipped with high-performance, ergonomic and fast datalogic terminals to facilitate their work and order processing.

Improvements have also been made to Telenco's warehouse management software and information system to better adapt to market needs. This update now makes it possible to ship an order with products from different warehouses, making them independent and reducing delivery delays.

logistique rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

A constantly improving Customs/Transport service

  • Internalisation of export customs declarations at the Group level
  • Setting up a customs/transport simulator to identify the best transport cost
  • Zoom on: the new logistics platform in Saint-Martin-le-Vinoux (French Alps, France)

    Telenco's available logistics space was no longer keeping up with the Group's ambitions. That is why, in 2019, Telenco acquired a 5,500m² logistics platform in Saint-Martin-le-Vinoux. This new building began to be fitted out in the middle of the summer period, although there was a very intensive activity in August and September. Three extra Saturdays were needed to transfer the stock of Moirans to the new platform. In total, more than 2,000 pallets and 97 multi-reference box pallets (i.e. around 3,000 references) were moved.

    Refinement of the Group's image

    valorisation rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

    Redesign of Telenco Group's website

    Developed in 2014, the website's first version was designed to introduce the various entities of the Telenco Group and their activities in order to redirect Internet users to Telenco networks, Telenco distribution or Telenco services. Today, the Group has built a reputation around its 3 entities and new objectives have emerged for our website. This new version highlights the Group and its story, the brands created by Telenco and its CSR commitments. It is also a real pillar of recruitment thanks to the creation of an HR module that allows candidates to apply directly online.

    Telenco unveils itself in videos!

    The Telenco Group introduced itself in videos. Now available on YouTube, discover the different sides of the company!

    VIAVI Pinnacle Award 2018: an award for the Group

    After many years of cooperation, the Telenco Group has been awarded the Pinnacle Award 2018 by VIAVI. This award recognises the commitment of the brand's distributors and reinforces our relationships, encouraging the development of long-lasting partnerships with the constant aim of improving the solutions offered to our customers.

    Innovation and diversification

    ted equipement rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

    TED by Trigano umbrella shelter tent

    The latest addition to the Telenco Tent range, the umbrella shelter tent is inspired by the practices of technicians in the field and is based on the know-how of France's largest manufacturer of camping equipment. Reliable and efficient, it is already a best-seller!

    Garde fou TED rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

    TED Steadfast work tray for guard rail

    Seeing the technicians using cut boards to form a workbench on the guard rails, Telenco had the idea of designing a real stable work tray adapted to the technical constraints of the technicians intervening in telecoms manholes.

    PBO rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

    Telenco® Optical Distribution Point

    Its compact and discreet design minimises the visual impact and adds value to your pole or facade installation. Enables simple and reliable connections and connectorisations. Its double locking system (latch closure and triangle key) ensures the watertightness and durability of the installation.

    Cables DROPTIC rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

    New DROPTIC® LM4 cables

    Created to replace its previous model, the LM3, the DROPTIC® LM4 drop cable is an improved version. Thanks to its reduced diameter (5 mm), its resistance is greater, while its mechanical performances remains unchanged.

    Gammes outils rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

    TED cable slitter tool range

    Cutters and electrician's knives are over! This all-in-one tool, with no visible blade guarantees the safety of technicians while improving their productivity.

    Telenco distribution, the French telecom supplier of internationally renowned products

    viavi rapport annuel 2019 Telenco


    Viavi is constantly developing innovative solutions for testing and measuring copper and fibre optic networks. These products have enabled Telenco to become a French and international leader in these market sectors. Our next challenge: mobile networks!

    corning rapport annuel 2019 Telenco


    Telenco and Corning, a pioneer and world leader in optical telecommunications, have developed a close partnership to support the deployment of fibre optic networks with innovative products and infrastructure solutions.

    Audinnov rapport annuel 2019 Telenco


    The French Fire and Rescue service and Enedis have long been praising the quality and reliability of Audinnov professional ladders and lightweight mobile platform step ladders. Telenco is proud to join forces with a French manufacturer that stands for excellence and safety.

    A constantly evolving offer

    Launch of active equipment with Iskratel

    By offering Iskratel's complete range of scalable GPON solutions for Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) networks, Telenco distribution is now in a position to meet the needs of the major French telecommunications players and to provide comprehensive support for the growing demand for very high-speed broadband in France.

    Radio frequency offer

    The stakes around mobile networks are considerable, both in terms of very high speed coverage, mobile phones, intelligent cities or the Internet of Things. In 2019, Telenco distribution is launching a scalable offer of infrastructure products and equipment for technicians to meet the 5G challenge.

    Click & Collect

    Telenco distribution’s customers can now have their parcels delivered to the affiliated collection points two hours after placing an order on one of the company's e-commerce sites.

    CSR actions

    Telenco's annual sports challenge for associations

    On October 27th, 7 teams from Telenco (44 employees) took part in the obstacle race "La Renversante" in Colombe (French Alps). Whether on the 6 km or the 11 km, everyone showed courage to finish the race littered with obstacles! Thanks to their participation, Telenco donated 700 € to Les Enfants de l'Ovale and the FCG in my city.
    On November 16th, the Telenco Portugal team came together to challenge the Army Race, with the aim of being among the finishers in this demanding obstacle course. A total of 9 teams covered the 6 km and overcame 22 obstacles. Through this race, the participants were able to donate food and essential goods to the "Amor Perfeito" association (support for more than 100 deprived or homeless people).

    Telenco has its own beehives!

    In France, more than 30% of bee colonies disappear every year because of pollution or pesticides. The disappearance of bees would have serious consequences both environmentally and economically. It is in this context that Telenco has taken the decision to install beehives near the Telenco networks’ premises in Moirans in order to contribute to the protection of bees in our environment.
    To carry out this project, a beekeeping section was created to offer employees the opportunity to participate directly in the protection of bees and biodiversity. This section sets up initiations in beekeeping to help people discover this activity. Through this action, Telenco wishes to start a real process of raising awareness among its employees about safeguarding bees and biodiversity.

    5,000 € for the opening of Les Enfants de l’Ovale House in Ivory Coast

    At the inauguration of Telenco's new subsidiary in the Ivory Coast, Manuel Panart, Strategy Director, was able to donate a 5,000 € cheque to the association Les Enfants de l'Ovale, represented locally by Philippe Chatot. In partnership with the Treichville Biafra Olympique, Les Enfants de l’Ovale House provides logistical and financial assistance, but also its experience for children from underprivileged neighbourhoods, such as Treichville. Here, volunteers teach children how to play rugby, a sport that is dear to Telenco.

    EDO rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

    Les Enfants de l'Ovale

    FCG dans ma ville rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

    FC Grenoble Rugby "The FCG in my town" endowment fund

    Rêves en scène rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

    Rêves en Scène

    Football cleats for Senegal: an operation for Senegalese football clubs

    In Africa, football is a real culture. This is an observation confirmed by the Telenco teams at the local level, particularly through its establishment in Dakar. The Group, in association with the GF38, launched the "Football cleats for Senegal" operation, a project to collect sports equipment for two Senegalese football clubs located in Palmarin and Gandiaye with the aim of improving the playing comfort of these enthusiasts.
    This operation brought together various actors from the territory in order to create 9 collection points where equipment could be deposited. During 42 days, Telenco was able to collect more than 180kg of equipment for the football clubs of Palmarin and Gandiaye. This represents 299 jerseys, 66 shorts, 62 footballs, 39 pairs of football cleats but also 40 pairs of trainers and 51 pairs of socks!

    Telenco participates in the creation of videos for The Digital Plumbers

    The Digital Plumbers association, which offers trainings in the fibre optics industry, has set up a series of 25 online tutorial videos to support and instruct its students. These videos introduces the technical manipulations and gestures that must be mastered by digital infrastructure technicians. Telenco actively participated in this initiative by making its specialists available for the production of these videos.

    Les crampons du sénégal rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

    Football cleats for Senegal

    Les plombiers du numériques rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

    The Digital Plumbers

    Customer invoices are now dematerialised!

    In 2019, this approach continues and today concerns more than 5,000 customers: 4,200 invoices are no longer sent each month. To go further in the process, Telenco has also eliminated paper archiving of invoices, which is being replaced by electronic archiving. This approach saves time for the administrative sales teams and is totally in line with the Tel'Eco project by significantly reducing paper consumption! This required the acquisition of an electronic certificate and the implementation of control processes at the administrative sales department but saves the printing of 8,000 to 10,000 additional sheets of paper per month. 70% of the invoicing perimeter is currently covered.

    20 years of Telenco

    20 ans rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

    Internal event – Telenco’s employees act in movies !

    Based on the theme of cinema, this anniversary was another opportunity for the teams to outperform. The employees did not hesitate to set the scene in a series of short films illustrating their daily life at Telenco, in a more or less humorous way! After having been viewed by all employees at an official screening, some of the performances were rewarded at the Telenco Awards ceremony. Stuntmen, dancers, music and shows brought magic to this evening, which took place at the Saint Jean de Chépy domain in the French Alps.

    Evenements partenaires rapport annuel 2019 Telenco

    Partner events

    On October 3rd, partners, suppliers and customers met at Telenco networks' headquarters in Moirans for a day dedicated to the future of telecommunications networks in France and abroad, organised by Telenco and Infranum. Round tables, exchanges and sharing were at the heart of this event bringing together manufacturers, operators and installers from all over the world. Customer connection, PIN projects, pre-connectorisation of network solutions or smart cities,... So many themes came to punctuate this day. The various partners were then invited to the top of the Bastille in Grenoble to celebrate Telenco's birthday around a warm buffet.